What else do mentors do

Mentors, by their nature are meant to know at least something about quite a lot of things in Second Life, so they can help with a range of questions from a range of new people.

So, at least two of the other things I do in SL are here at the site I’ve started for my shop. I sell some stuff I’ve made, some that others make, so it’s covering the business and building sides as well as scripting and a little bit of clothes design too.


Scripting Mentors -> Learning to Script

By hook, crook or general usage, the thing that was supposed to be a scripting mentors checklist is becoming used as a tool for structuring learning in scripting. I’ve moved the page over to a new place to reflect this. I will also start writing some lessons for the background information soon – if anyone else would like to contribute, please do – but since this is on my blog I plan to keep editorial control.

First entries are such fun aren’t they!

Ok, so I’m here from Second Life where I’m a volunteer as a mentor, and paid as a scripter.

There are a lot of pretty upset mentors around at the moment – large parts of Second Life are wonderful, but a few rotten apples spoil the barrel in any situation and this one is about poor internal communications. Sadly poor communications is an on-going complaint, especially with some members of the staff. The people that run Second Life ARE getting better, don’t get me wrong, but there’s still a way to go.

I’ll live in hope that the changes that many of us feel have been rather forced on us are changes for the better and that includes an increase in communication between us and them.

Volunteers shouldn’t ever really be put into that situation, there are always differences between volunteers and paid staff of course, but most of the time you try HARDER to keep your volunteers aboard because they’re CHOOSING to help you out, not doing it for the pay cheque!

They won’t always be quite this political I suspect, nor quite this tactful, but that’s what bought me here.